Saturday, November 21, 2009

Countdown to Thanksgiving

This painting was done by Winona Nelson (aka Nonie) while we were at Illuxcon! We're pretty sure the turkey is just stunned (see below).

In the next few days, I'll be posting a series of recipes that are healthy suggestions for a festive dinner. The emphasis is on healthy, a little fancy but simple, not too much trouble to make, and not super expensive.

I thought I'd make a menu that looks like this:

Miso Salmon
Lemon Thyme Polenta with Mushrooms
Salad Extravaganza
Sweet Potatoes
Broccoli with Garlic
Apple Grape Pie

You could add a couple of these dishes to your menu along side your traditional family favorites. And, remember, if you have kids, the foods you serve them at holidays are the ones they'll think of when they're grown as the kinds of comfort foods that make a holiday special. See? He's okay. Now he's telling her some jokes to take her mind off eating. And I know he was successful, because we just saw him out playing miniature golf with some ducks.


  1. Gorgeous piece by Nonie, wonderful lighting and mood. Love it!

    I'm looking forward to the recipes. I'll be going to a friend's home for Thanksgiving and they'll be serving traditional Southern fare-which means bacon, gravy and mayo on quite a bit of it. I want to bring along some healthy alternatives; broccoli and garlic and apple grape pie sound great; I doubt that anyone would object to either at their home. My mom suggested butternut squash cooked in coconut milk. Could be good!

  2. That does sound good, Jen! I think I'm going to try your mom's idea with either kabocha or buttercup squash.