Tuesday, May 18, 2010

TED Talk: Eating To Starve Cancer

I just ran across this TED Talk by William Li on Boingboing.net and was hoping that you will all take a 20 minutes and 2 second break to listen to it. It's a beautiful explanation of one of the fundamental reasons that cancer can become deadly and how you can prevent it from happening.


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  2. Funny, my doctor was just talking about this last week! I took a screen snap of the food list and it's pretty much the same as the "superfoods" list that's been circulating for a couple of years (here's one such example: http://ezinearticles.com/?Complete-List-of-the-Super-Foods&id=2481665 ) with fewer animal products and the additions of parsley, lavender, nutmeg, turmeric, licorice (don't take that one with high blood pressure though), maitake mushrooms, and sea cucumber. As Michael Pollen says "eat whole foods, mostly plants, and not too much!"

  3. Thanks for the link, Jen! I had just finished writing it all down in my sketch book for a future post when I read your comment.

  4. Fantastic video and quite amazing ideas. I have an acquaintance who has lung cancer-- I think the doctors estimated he had about six months to live, originally. He chose not to undergo traditional chemotherapy, but instead followed an "alternative" diet and lifestyle. Now it's six years later and he's still living and living well. I don't know if his cancer is actually in remission but even so, I do feel that the power of nutrition and lifestyle cannot be overestimated when it comes to these types of diseases.


  5. TED's so great, thanks for the link, Julie! I'm putting that list of foods up on my fridge!


    PS what a terrific blog idea!