Saturday, May 1, 2010

Agave AGAIN!

As many of you probably know, I like to regularly keep up with what Dr. Andrew Weil has to say about various health-related issues (why? because he's just so unbelievably smart AND flexible-minded, that's all!), and I've just read what he has to say about agave nectar (which we were discussing right here a couple of posts ago). Basically, while he may still have some reservations about it, he's not sold on the idea that it's as disastrously dangerous as Dr. Joseph Mercola writes about. If you use agave nectar or products containing it, please read both of their opinions and decide what seems right for you!


  1. All I can say about agave is that it's one of the only natural sweeteners that seems to have no negative effects on my hypoglycemia. I'll continue to purchase the vegan, gluten free agave sweetened goodies from our neighborhood "Rhapsodic" bakery for that reason-they're the only cookies and other sweet treats that I can eat without feeling faint afterwords! Anyone who wants to try baking similar items on their own can Google "Elana's pantry" for a nice assortment of recipes.

  2. Well, I definitely think that you can't argue with good results! I would probably just use it sparingly if I needed to sweeten something (which is easy because it's extra sweet) and enjoy it.