Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Vitamin Cute!

photo by Anthony Palumbo and Winona Nelson

His name is Diego and he, along with other pets that are good and behave themselves, is known to lower stress in the people who love him and take care of him. It's true!
And you can surely imagine the benefits of lowered stress--lower blood pressure, better immune function, better heart health, better everything! Diego brings Vitamin Cute and lots of fun to the studio of Anthony Palumbo and Winona Nelson every day.


  1. 'tis true indeed! Here's five ways that pet ownership can improve our health: . With four kittehs in the house it's no wonder my blood pressure is only 94/66. Diego is a sack of double dose cute for sure. Just look at that little pink nose! :)

  2. It's sooo true, we have both a cat and a dog, and whenever the stress piles up, all I have to do is pet them a little or just watch them do whatever it is they might be doing for the world to feel a little better :)