Thursday, August 6, 2009

Create your perfect breakfast

I think the two most important things to consider in deciding how to design your breakfast are:

1. Make sure you're having some of each of the following:
protein (Ezekiel cereal or toast, eggs, lowfat or nonfat milk or other dairy products, or tofu are good choices),
complex carbohydrates (note the word complex! That means nothing made with sugar or white flour or any other refined grains),
fiber (whole grain, fruit, vegetable),
some healthy fat (as from nuts or eggs),
and some "water food" (juicy fruit or vegetable)
as well as some water (tea or coffee).

2. What kind of mood are you in? Are you feeling slow and want to pick yourself up? In that case, a good choice might be some eggs and a piece of fruit or steamed vegetables. Good beverage choices would be tea or coffee or even a nice glass of cool (not cold) water.
Are you feeling like you need to be soothed? Try some cooked Irish oatmeal or other whole grain hot cereal with fruit on top. Have some tea with cinnamon or other warm spices.
Are you already tranquil and balanced and want to stay that way? I'd have our usual breakfast cereal mix.
It's important to check in with your emotional state so that you can make any adjustments that are necessary. Your choice of breakfast music is also important for setting your speed for the morning. For some reason, when it's first thing in the morning, I only like instrumental music. Songs with words make me nervous in the morning. Go figure!

Some things that are a bad idea for every day are bagels (too densely packed with carbohydrates), muffins and pastries, fatty meats (sausage, bacon, etc.), butter, syrup, jams and jellies made with sugar, and cereals made with refined flour or sugar. I don't recommend imitation meats like soy sausage, etc., if they contain the ingredient Soy Protein Isolate. It's a too-refined ingredient that takes a good thing (soy) and turns it into an artificial food that's really not good for you. Plus, fake meats usually have way too much sodium. Toast is great as long as you are sure that the bread is of really good quality whole grains. My favorite is Ezekiel bread--it's such a great complete food. Put some almond or peanut butter (or sliced avocado with tomato!) on your toast instead of butter.

Another factor to consider is how much time you have in the morning to make and eat breakfast. This should never be an excuse to limit your nutrition because you can always prepare something the night before or get up 10 minutes earlier.


  1. You've described most of my breakfasts! For years I had troubles with hypoglycemia and 3pm "crashes", but by eating fairly low glycemic meals and avoiding sugar and white flour, just like those you've suggested, I overcame most of that. Fresh berries are great in the morning, but orange juice or pinapple...that's almost as bad as a glazed doughnut for anyone with blood sugar issues, yet most people do drink tropical fruit juices in the morning. Unsweetened apple juice, acai, blueberry or pomegranate is better for those with similar issues. And I couldn't agree more with your assessment of syrups, jams and jellies, etc.!

    One quick way I've found to make a "portable" breakfast for those who are really on the run: whisk up eggs and chopped veggies and pour them into a shallow baking dish (about 3-4" in diameter-the kind used for creme brulee) that has been sprayed with a non stick oil. Zap it in the microwave for two minutes. Turn out your veggie omelete onto whole grain toast or a bagel and make it an eat and run sandwich, or slice the omelette in half and wrap in wholegrain flatbread. I like to mix it up by flavoring mine with turmeric, herbe de Provence, or a little crumbled feta for variety. There's really no excuse for skipping breakfast!

  2. Great idea with the microwaved eggs, Jen! We'll have to try that.

  3. D'oh! What am I thinking; my egg baking dishes are 5" in diameter and 1" deep. Made of Porcelain. They are the perfect fit for two eggs with ample veggie fillings of your choice!

  4. Thanks for clearing that up, Jen!

  5. Fake meat! You are right about that one. Im a vegetarian and after every "meaty" meal Im always extra thirsty. But my breakfast usually consist of hmom-made butter on chapatis, milk and cheese on toast.I guess this is healthy enuff. Its always so hard to get fresh berries and avocados here in Malaysia. I make do with bananas and raisins!

  6. BTW, I love your paintings!

    I first came across Boris & Julie paintings in my university's library back in 04'. I loved your paintings so much I was tempted to run off with the book! My favorite is the lady running with a wolf in the jungle. Love your work so much, its very inspiring for women! Love thy body!

  7. Thanks, Salty Bodice Ripper! Your breakfast sure does sound yummy. Bananas and raisins are right on.
    I'm glad you like the lady running with the wolf!