Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Dr. Steven Gurgevich

I'm not sure where to start in talking about Dr. Gurgevich's work. Body? Mind? Art? Yep, these three areas of my life have been boosted into new dimensions through listening to his self-hypnosis CDs. It's probably the most painless and effortless way to reach into your unconscious mind and make whatever adjustments you choose to your life. What I've learned from his work that's so valuable to me is how to actually communicate in an effective way with my own mind and body.

Most artists, being such visual people, have a particularly successful time with self hypnosis and visualization. We're used to imagining things in vivid realism, complete with multi-sensory detail. One CD in particular that has helped me with my art in an unexpected and kind of cool way is "Musical Performance Success". It was made for musical performers so that they'll have more confidence when they play in public. I decided to get it because I could just mentally switch out the word "musical" for "artistic" and just see what would happen! (I seriously LOVE experimenting with drug-free--and only drug-free!-- altered states of consciousness!) Not only have I experienced unexplainable easy confidence when I'm painting in front of a crowd (such as at the Illustration Master Class), but it's given me more confidence in my art all together. Artists of all kinds need confidence like life needs water, and all of Dr. Gurgevich's work transmits a sense of calm and confidence to the listener.

The first time I heard about him was through the recommendation of Dr. Weil. At the time, I was having trouble getting a solid night's sleep, so I got some of his CDs and listened to them as I fell asleep at night (so you can see, they obviously worked!). I just got more and more interested in the possibilities I saw with this and now I've really learned how to work it myself. That's the coolest thing about this is that he teaches you how it works so that you can do it yourself according to your own needs.

He also seems to be a dyed-in-the-wool great person. He has an incredibly soothing voice that gently but clearly transmits his peaceful energy. His wife, Joy, also a real sweetheart, shares a section of their website that has some great nutritional advice. Through Dr. Gurgevich's work, I've realized in a very tangible way the unlimited potential that we all have to make use of our amazing unconscious mind.

Steven Gurgevich, PhD is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine at the
Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine, University of Arizona College of Medicine


  1. Thanks for the information and links Julie! I think that I'll have to try the "musical performance success" CD for sure, because confidence with my illustration is something that I struggle with on a daily basis (like most artists-especially those who are students or are switching gears).

    If Dr. Gurgevich checks in again; please consider creating a CD for ADD suffers. We're about 34% of the population in every country and it effects everything, from our work and relationships to the lack of organization in our homes. Adult onset limbic type ADD runs rampant on one side of my family and we'll jump at the chance for any help we can get! Of course, the real trick would be to create a program that keeps our wayward brains from wandering away from it, lol! Perhaps the brain injury CD could help to some degree, since ADD is caused by both under activity and hyper activity in various regions of the brain. Best to ask the good doctor about that though.

  2. That's a great suggestion--I hope he sees it, too. As for the confidence with your art thing, another good title is called "Stress Ease". It's intended to alleviate stress, but a great side-effect is a general feeling of calm confidence. Seriously, I love it!

  3. Thanks for the tip Julie! How often do you listen to your CDs, and when did you first notice that the program was actually altering your state of consciousness?

  4. One important thing is to keep in mind that we all react differently. I'm someone who has had a regular practice of meditation for many years, so this kind of thing is pretty accessible to me. Most people seem to get pretty fast results and then it's just maintenance from there on out.
    Also, Boris was pointing out that it's not unlike going to the gym to get fit--you don't set yourself up with a pre-determined goal or deadline to be fit, you just do the work and experience the changes from it.

  5. Dear Julie,
    I am so flattered by your kind and thoughtful words. I originally made the musical success CD for a cellist, but it really goes back to the early '70s when one of my best friends, Howard Roberts, was creating the curriculum for The Guitar Institute of Technology (GIT, now MIT for Musician's Institute). He and I worked on mental exercises to accelerate the psycho-motor programming of the fingers when learning new pieces of music. And being a guitarist myself, I have a special interest in learning music and performance skills.

    For Jen... I have had several individuals request an ADD title. It is on my "To be recorded" list. However, for ADD, any of the self-hypnosis and/or meditation CDs allow one with ADD to practice and develop greater concentration and focus skill. The key is to start very small with goals of focusing for 20 seconds and then working up to a minute... and progressively increasing the time. And a key is to develop a passive concentration or relaxed concentration where you are not "trying" or struggling. With hypnosis, "You make it happen by letting it happen." First you establish your intention (the goal a la Boris) and with the intention or goal clearly defined, you passively imagine and create the experienc in mind/imagination, embellishing it with all the "feelings" of it being real. You subconscious cannot tell the difference between what is real and what you imagine. For individuals with ADD, I also recommend removing ALL excitotoxins from diet. (See Russell Blaylock, MD -- he is worthy of Julie's list) And to minimize stimulation so as to begin getting comfortable and familiar with "no thing" happening again.

    Again, Julie... your kind words delight me to no end. Thank you!

    Dr. G.

  6. Thank you, Dr. G! I'm looking forward to reading some of Dr. Blaylock's work.
    It's so nice for you to visit my blog!

  7. It is always a treat to see what you and Boris are up to. And the very kind words you have shared about me, my wife, Joy, and my colleagues are so very flattering, enriching, and all around makes me feel great.
    Dr. G.