Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Four people you should know about

I got hooked on learning about mind/body issues back when I was competing in bodybuilding (1984-1989) and have only gotten more and more interested in this passion of mind through the years. As anyone well knows, there are many experts on the subject whose work I've read who have great things to say, but, at this time, four people's work stand out in my mind as Super Supreme, and they are Dr. Andrew Weil, Dr. Steven Gurgevich, Dr. John Sarno, and Dr. Candace Pert. I'm going to write a separate post for each one of them so that I can tell you why I feel so strongly about their work.
In the meantime, I think we should build a new Mt. Rushmore of Health and Fitness and have these four people's images carved into a mountainside!


  1. I love your artwork...
    I love your wisdom and sage advice...
    I love your very kind words.

    Dr. G.

  2. Wow!!! Double wow!!! You sure made my day!
    Thanks, Dr. G!

  3. You're on a roll Julie! :-)

    Thanks for introducting me to Gurgevich, Sarno and Pert over the past year. Your wisdom and sage advice has lead to far fewer fibromyalgia attacks for me, putting more life into my life! I'm looking forward to your posts on all four.

  4. I'm just so glad you're feeling better, Jen!